Back to the future

The renovation project with roof extension carries a building into the future


The GBW block was built in the 1960s with simple features. Useful, efficient layouts and restrained but high-quality façades. At the time of construction, the car was established as the status symbol of the middle classes, so all free space was sacrificed to traffic. The renovation and densification of the block gives us the opportunity to take modern zeitgeist and the inhabitants into account: cars are banned to the underground garage, garages make way for a garden and a true-to-scale courtyard design. Thanks to the energetic restoration of the building, the previously unused attic has been turned into new living space.

Project data


“Mainzer Strasse” restoration of a residential building with roof extension, Munich Schwabing


GBW Management GmbH


Gross floor space 7,418 m², living area 5,226 m², renovation of 64 units plus roof extension with 10 units

Construction period:


Site plan

Ground Level

Floor plan Roof Extension