Urban villas - Pairs

Wooden houses at the edge of the Hubland Park

The planned dimension of the buildings, as regards urban development, and the open building style represent the urban villa type. Accordingly, access is via an interior staircase around which the residential units are grouped in fours and perfectly lit. In each case, two houses form a pair, and access is between the houses so that the main address is from the south and therefore car-free in relation to the landscape park.

Architecture and design – mix of subsidised and private housing in one building

A well-thought-out layout development, construction and design can be achieved with just a few well planned components. This intelligent architecture stands out on the one hand with its practicality but also through emotion, which is supported by the visibly remaining wood as exterior cladding and in the soffits.

The well-proportioned ground plans with small traffic areas are perfectly usable. The high layout quality enables subsidised and privately financed flats to be stacked and incorporated in a single building. The subsidised flats are on the ground and first floors, the privately financed flats are on the 2nd and 3rd floors, so that the buildings can be retained in the existing stock. The flats on the ground floor have terraces, on the first and second floors loggias, and on the top floor, generously sized roof terraces will be provided.

Wooden construction and solid wood building

Modernity influences us both in the form language and in its clear separation from the structural framework, façade and extensions. It thus challenged the development of two-dimensional components (ceilings and load-bearing walls). For some time, there has been a development whereby planar ceilings and wall components are also supplied in the form of wooden materials such as cross-laminated timber. The ceiling elements stretch from exterior wall to exterior wall as a single element, and the number of partition walls defines the number of supports and thus the through-flow effect.

Project data




MMV Objekt 2 GmbH & Co.KG, Erlangen


Gross floor space 2,60 sq. m., 32 units, living area 2,100 sq. m., underground parking

Construction period

Completion October 2020

Competition team

Frank Feuchtenbeiner, Andrea Frank, Maria-Magdalena Renker, Ivaylo Galabov

Project team

Frank Feuchtenbeiner (Projektleitung), Egor Goryachev, Florian Rothermel

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