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Create more building pleasure!

Building culture is a catchphrase in soapbox speeches and festivities. It raises questions about the whole scene, the cultural superstructure beyond investments and real estate. But in fact building culture is concerned with everyday life and where decisions are made on the spot – for the location and for its residents. Building culture is always at the centre where people are fighting for the environment, identifying with it, working on it, and together developing something known as community, neighbourhood or district.

Building culture refers to life and passion, which are unthinkable without beauty. We need more pleasure in the shaping of our environment. We need people who are willing to make sacrifices – in this case for their street, their village, their town or city. Building culture brings together professionals and lay people, specialists and residents alike. These networks include building clients who have a passionate interest in the matter and want to have an aesthetic and social effect.

If ideas enrich and drive the world, visions are sought. Positive impulses for the future. That’s why we stand for building pleasure.

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