Dinard Park

Country Houses above the Lake – in the Middle of Starnberg

site plan

Starnberg’s qualities are mainly to be found where its format has remained fine in detail and relatively dense. With this in mind, we have taken the country house as a model and developed it to contain either one or two modern, normal, yet very special flats per storey. The slightly varying houses seem to flirt with each other as they offer distant views down towards Lake Starnberg.

A particularly typical feature is a private veranda on the kindergarten and the shared terrace with a broad view on the south side of the plot. The space between the houses is laid out like a park.

The day nursery is on the ground floor of two houses, and the connecting unit is the private veranda on the first floor. Thanks to the distance from the neighbouring property, there is a very useful free space; the boundary wall has espaliers and a climbing wall.

Along Bahnhofstrasse, all the houses are built so that their gables face the road, thus forming a homogeneous urban planning street situation. Along Dinardstrasse, gables alternate with eaves facing the street in a parklike manner.

Façade design and materiality

The colourfulness of the houses develops from the bright sunshine and its reflection on the lake – an issue of light and shade. The result is a bright, white atmosphere.

The solidly built houses have a precise shell: brilliant sgraffito with shimmer effect and wood panelling on the upper storey and the roof underside, refined with a white coat of paint. Generously sized openings give light to the flats; the curtains inside and the folding, sliding shutters veil the building and create a permanent opening and closing fluctuation in the densely built urban situation.

Materialkollage Eingangsbereiche & Treppenhäuser

Arriving and living

Arriving on the site, the resident is greeted by a house-based design of the addresses and entrances followed by a stage-like and well-lit stairway and a generously proportioned hallway all the way to the flat.

The placing of the stairs permits a wide range of residential and living forms. The flats can be enlarged by combining the storeys – particularly at loft level. The solid outer skin of the building is complemented by light partition walls, which enables lofty lifestyles.

The large, floor-to-ceiling sliding windows allow an integration of the exterior with its changing, distant views. On the sides facing the lake there are balconies, and a continuous terrace at roof level.

Project data




Ehret+Klein GmbH, Würmstraße 4, D - 82319 Starnberg


Gross floor space: 3100 m2, 5 houses Living area: 2000 m2, 21 units 1 day nursery: 420 m2, 47 underground parking spaces

Start of construction


Competition team

Frank Feuchtenbeiner, Andrea Frank, Ivaylo Galabov, Simone Schiller

Project team

Frank Feuchtenbeiner (Projektleitung II), Andrea Frank, Egor Goryachv (Projektleitung I), Carlos Moya, Simone Schiller


Materialkollage Eingangsbereiche & Treppenhäuser

Materialkollage Fassade

site plan