Baumhaus + Torhaus

Redensification creates identity for the existing building
(competition prize group 2016)


Enriching the atmosphere by “continuing to build” in the district: the urbanistic design seizes the opportunity of densification to celebrate the arrival in the Fürstenried-West district of Munich: two structural and one landscape gate welcome inhabitants and visitors.

The superstructure of the ENTRANCES TO THE DISTRICT with the GATEHOUSES and the WALLHOUSE give us the freedom to leave the large FREE SPACES within the DISTRICT undeveloped.

In addition to the existing high-rise building in the southwest, Fürstenried-West gets another three significant towers: at the Wall, at the northern Appenzeller Gate, and at the western Tessiner Gate. Together, they form a striking silhouette. The apartments being built there accommodate a large part of the densification directly on the edge of the district, so that within Fürstenried-West, only a few, lower houses are being constructed, which also take up the infrastructure and include spaces such as the DISTRICT SQUARE. In this way, the existing flowing free space can be retained and even reinforced: the ground level remains a public space, and private gardens can be created on the roofs.
The existing wall is incorporated and translated in its content by the structural and the green gate. Thus the district gets an unmistakeable atmospheric quality of “arriving home”.

Project data


Urban development price group, 2016


Bayerische Versorgungskammer


Burkhardt/Engelmayer Landschaftsarchitekten und Stadtplaner

Immission Control

Müller BBM

Structural Engineer

LEICHT Structural engineering and specialist consulting GmbH


Bloomimages Berlin



Competition team

Frank Feuchtenbeiner, Johanna Lölhöffel, Maria-Magdalena Renker, Johannes Treibert





floor plan