13 October 2016

Planning competition “Appenzeller Strasse – Bellinzonastrasse” in Munich Fürstenried Prize category: Town Planning and Redevelopment


Tree house + Gatehouse
A holistic and modern identity of the “Appenzeller Strasse – Bellinzonastrasse” district in Fürstenried West

To achieve our aim – enhancing the existing atmosphere of living in a green-field area and replacing and densifying the missing infrastructure and supplies – we looked for new forms of building and building sites. The building development of the entrances to the district with the gatehouses gives us the freedom to leave the large free spaces in the area undeveloped and also creates a new identity for the district.

The additional storeys can be assembled quickly on site as tree houses with a “light”, prefabricated wood construction to make the intrusions as tolerable as possible for the inhabitants. The tree houses with their consciously simple, modular structure are beginning a self-confident flirt with the existing buildings. They have roof gardens and roof lawns as a supplement to the French windows of the added storeys. The guiding principle of the open-air facilities, “Living in a park”, takes up the typically flowing and generously sized free spaces and extends them further.